Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old Posts!

So I've finally getting around to posting some posts that I wrote before we chose to tell anyone we were expecting and had to write somewhere ;-)

So just to clarify Christian and I are not expecting another little one yet...

I've just been feeling like getting back into writing some things down on here.

Hugo is 7 months already and is starting to crawl!!! So exciting how much they learn and grow everyday.

Today we got to have a fun afternoon with my good friend Shalom including a great lunch with Whoorls Chicken potato leek soup and then off to Granville Island on the aquabus and a couple of chai tea lattes and wandering around looking a beautiful shop was so great.

I was thinking when I was out how I love to read certain blogs and that I really do need to start Pintrest and seriously why did I not start this sooner. I'm looking forward to having all the ideas I see online in one easy place for future reference. Thanks for inviting me Sarah!

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