Friday, January 27, 2012

On the mend

This week was a tough one. Christian was gone for work and I came down with a nasty cold the day he left :-( But we made it as it wasn't as bad as I suspected. Thankful Hugo did not get it and remained happy and healthy although the screeching was a little harder to take with a pounding head but we are trying to work on that. Anyone have tips on how to curb screeching for almost 9 month olds?

I've been sewing a dress for a little one year old and may have tried it on Hugo to see if it fit (I mean... how cute he would look it it). Oh bless his heart it was so cute and I'll post the pick once I give it to the birthday girl.

The Sleep Sense Program has been working great! Hugo has been going down easy for his naps if I sit beside his crib for 2-5 minutes and in the morning staying asleep for over 2 hours the past two days. Having had that wonderful long morning nap he has been able to stay up til 3:00 his usual feeding time and have a drink and go down for another smaller nap usually about 45 minutes. Then at bedtime he is way ahead of the game and doesn't need me to sit in with him and falls asleep himself within 1-2 minutes and usually stays asleep til 5:45am. This has been so good for us this week allowing me to get much needed rest so I could get over this cold.

I was able to enlist Uncle Ray for help one night and poor guy Hugo did a little number in the tub while I was out in the living room pumping. I'm pumping because he bit me so bad it still hurts to nurse on my right side. He had always preferred the left?! Anyhow we all survived and lived to laugh about it :-)

I didn't take may photos this week but hopefully next time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

Oh these two only 4 months apart. It was so cute when we were over for our visit my little niece was waving at Hugo for him to come over and play with her. She crawls circles around him and tries to feed him little people! I just love seeing them growing up together. I love spending time with my sister in law too! She is just plain and simple Super Mom! Just being around her inspires me to be the best Mom I can be.

Out for lunch. I love our place mat my friend Kathleen recommended it and it works great. I lucked out as the table had just been wiped so I was able to just stick the little suction cup right on and Hugo was able to get at his bread and cheerios all he wanted.

We had to take this picture to show how long Hugo's lone newborn baby hair has gotten! I swear it is like 4" but he barely stay still for this photo let alone with a ruler. It is super blonde and just cracks me up when I see it bouncing around up there.

Bath time. Hugo is so into splashing with his legs these days and we've got to watch him like a hawk as he likes to bob for his duckies but it is a lot of fun to see him splashing everyone (mostly Daddy).

Hugo has really started to make new sounds and babbles and sound like "ya ya" a lot but everyday it sounds closer to certain phrases or words. He really loves to stick his tongue out and go "BLLL" and spray is saliva especially after dinner when he get a water to the mix.

We just started the Sleep Sense program last night. I've been finding that he is not really nursing in the night for hunger anymore and am really tired of waking up to nurse him back to sleep or put his soother in. So out of desperation we decided to bite the bullet and see what happens. Last night went pretty good it took him half and hour to fall asleep without his soother and we just had one wake up at 12:45am that lasted about 15 minutes and at 2:30am he awoke again and I tried to feed him just in case he was hungry but he wasn't and the he slept until 5:50am! Which was heavenly and he just talked to himself until 6:30 when we went to him. I like this method because we can go to him whenever and we can stay in the room if we want and talk and touch him but just not as he is falling asleep as we want him to learn that he can do it himself. I'll admit it is killer hard for me not just to pick him up in my arms and snuggle him but to be honest that really isn't making him fall asleep anymore. So There is a lot of praying going on here and hoping that we are doing the right thing. I was happy that I didn't have anymore milk than usual in the morning so it kinda showed me that he wasn't really eating when I was nursing him in the night before (up to 3 times). Another thing we are working through is biting... Hugo sometimes bites me when he is too rambunctious nursing. So now I just tell him sternly "No biting" and pump and give him the rest in a bottle. Not sure what else to do with that but my goal was to nurse him for a year so I hope we make it. So many challenges but I do enjoy Hugo more everyday and am making sure to love on him and hold him more during the day so we make up for the night time snuggles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cozy Boy

My cozy boy. Hugo has loved when I hear him wake up from his naps I go in and open his door and talk with him and maybe put his laundry away or work in the kitchen where he can see me but still can be all snug for a few more moments. Then he craws out of his blankets and plays with them and his giraffy for a bit. It is so cute. 

Swinging with Dad. This was Saturday. It was so sunny and windy we really had to bundle up. Christian thought 5 hats for Hugo was a bit much. I did too after he pointed it out. I believe you can never be too cozy. We went to a friends place for dessert that night and put Hugo to sleep in the playpen and had a really great time visiting and then managed to get him in the car seat and home all sound asleep. I'm so glad we tried because it worked out great and we got to spend time with friends who also have a little one.

SNOW DAY! It was so fun! On Monday Hugo was mesmerised watching these huge flakes come down and then we went to play in it...

I laid him on his back but he instantly rolled to his tummy to check this white stuff out.

Then he made a snow angel ;-)

Have a great day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

You are my SUNSHINE

Hugo just loved being outside and I did too. He was very excited to swing and was kicking his arms every time I gave him a big push :-) Yesterday Hugo and tried a few new foods. I made him this Tuscan chickpea recipe. It has zucchini, tomatoes, cumin and basil and obviously chickpeas. He gobbled it right up. At dinner he was so enthralled with eating steamed broccoli by himself that he refused to eat his other food off a spoon other than his cereal which he still loves. What a guy ;-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey... talk to he hand I'm eating
Smiley Boy
Egg in a hole up a notch

Trying to take pictures everyday to capture this little guy and life in general. Thanks for the inspiration and idea Sarah! I've always wanted to do it and just keep thinking I'll start tomorrow and then what do you know it is 2012!!! Crazy anyhow, yesterday Hugo was a dream. I think he may be fighting a cold cause his little voice sounds a bit raspy. He slept for 2 1/2 hours in the morning and an 1 1/2 in the afternoon. I've been really making the most of the nap times and embracing my inner spring cleaning and going through the house organizing everything that has been put on hold for 8 months and baby proofing as Hugo's new favourite things are light sockets and power cords.
So to explain the bottom photo... that was my breakfast this morning. I was given Pioneer Woman's new cookbook. Now that I looked it I see she has and even newer one I'll have to check out when I'm done cooking my way through this one. Whoa, ok so I made her "Egg In The Hole" recipe with toast and it is really good but you see I had these left over waffles. Last night I made my own take on a local restaurants menu item Waffle BLT. It was also very delicious. Any I tried "Egg In The Hole" with waffles and it was dynamite if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old Posts!

So I've finally getting around to posting some posts that I wrote before we chose to tell anyone we were expecting and had to write somewhere ;-)

So just to clarify Christian and I are not expecting another little one yet...

I've just been feeling like getting back into writing some things down on here.

Hugo is 7 months already and is starting to crawl!!! So exciting how much they learn and grow everyday.

Today we got to have a fun afternoon with my good friend Shalom including a great lunch with Whoorls Chicken potato leek soup and then off to Granville Island on the aquabus and a couple of chai tea lattes and wandering around looking a beautiful shop was so great.

I was thinking when I was out how I love to read certain blogs and that I really do need to start Pintrest and seriously why did I not start this sooner. I'm looking forward to having all the ideas I see online in one easy place for future reference. Thanks for inviting me Sarah!