Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cozy Boy

My cozy boy. Hugo has loved when I hear him wake up from his naps I go in and open his door and talk with him and maybe put his laundry away or work in the kitchen where he can see me but still can be all snug for a few more moments. Then he craws out of his blankets and plays with them and his giraffy for a bit. It is so cute. 

Swinging with Dad. This was Saturday. It was so sunny and windy we really had to bundle up. Christian thought 5 hats for Hugo was a bit much. I did too after he pointed it out. I believe you can never be too cozy. We went to a friends place for dessert that night and put Hugo to sleep in the playpen and had a really great time visiting and then managed to get him in the car seat and home all sound asleep. I'm so glad we tried because it worked out great and we got to spend time with friends who also have a little one.

SNOW DAY! It was so fun! On Monday Hugo was mesmerised watching these huge flakes come down and then we went to play in it...

I laid him on his back but he instantly rolled to his tummy to check this white stuff out.

Then he made a snow angel ;-)

Have a great day!

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