Sunday, January 22, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

Oh these two only 4 months apart. It was so cute when we were over for our visit my little niece was waving at Hugo for him to come over and play with her. She crawls circles around him and tries to feed him little people! I just love seeing them growing up together. I love spending time with my sister in law too! She is just plain and simple Super Mom! Just being around her inspires me to be the best Mom I can be.

Out for lunch. I love our place mat my friend Kathleen recommended it and it works great. I lucked out as the table had just been wiped so I was able to just stick the little suction cup right on and Hugo was able to get at his bread and cheerios all he wanted.

We had to take this picture to show how long Hugo's lone newborn baby hair has gotten! I swear it is like 4" but he barely stay still for this photo let alone with a ruler. It is super blonde and just cracks me up when I see it bouncing around up there.

Bath time. Hugo is so into splashing with his legs these days and we've got to watch him like a hawk as he likes to bob for his duckies but it is a lot of fun to see him splashing everyone (mostly Daddy).

Hugo has really started to make new sounds and babbles and sound like "ya ya" a lot but everyday it sounds closer to certain phrases or words. He really loves to stick his tongue out and go "BLLL" and spray is saliva especially after dinner when he get a water to the mix.

We just started the Sleep Sense program last night. I've been finding that he is not really nursing in the night for hunger anymore and am really tired of waking up to nurse him back to sleep or put his soother in. So out of desperation we decided to bite the bullet and see what happens. Last night went pretty good it took him half and hour to fall asleep without his soother and we just had one wake up at 12:45am that lasted about 15 minutes and at 2:30am he awoke again and I tried to feed him just in case he was hungry but he wasn't and the he slept until 5:50am! Which was heavenly and he just talked to himself until 6:30 when we went to him. I like this method because we can go to him whenever and we can stay in the room if we want and talk and touch him but just not as he is falling asleep as we want him to learn that he can do it himself. I'll admit it is killer hard for me not just to pick him up in my arms and snuggle him but to be honest that really isn't making him fall asleep anymore. So There is a lot of praying going on here and hoping that we are doing the right thing. I was happy that I didn't have anymore milk than usual in the morning so it kinda showed me that he wasn't really eating when I was nursing him in the night before (up to 3 times). Another thing we are working through is biting... Hugo sometimes bites me when he is too rambunctious nursing. So now I just tell him sternly "No biting" and pump and give him the rest in a bottle. Not sure what else to do with that but my goal was to nurse him for a year so I hope we make it. So many challenges but I do enjoy Hugo more everyday and am making sure to love on him and hold him more during the day so we make up for the night time snuggles.