Friday, January 27, 2012

On the mend

This week was a tough one. Christian was gone for work and I came down with a nasty cold the day he left :-( But we made it as it wasn't as bad as I suspected. Thankful Hugo did not get it and remained happy and healthy although the screeching was a little harder to take with a pounding head but we are trying to work on that. Anyone have tips on how to curb screeching for almost 9 month olds?

I've been sewing a dress for a little one year old and may have tried it on Hugo to see if it fit (I mean... how cute he would look it it). Oh bless his heart it was so cute and I'll post the pick once I give it to the birthday girl.

The Sleep Sense Program has been working great! Hugo has been going down easy for his naps if I sit beside his crib for 2-5 minutes and in the morning staying asleep for over 2 hours the past two days. Having had that wonderful long morning nap he has been able to stay up til 3:00 his usual feeding time and have a drink and go down for another smaller nap usually about 45 minutes. Then at bedtime he is way ahead of the game and doesn't need me to sit in with him and falls asleep himself within 1-2 minutes and usually stays asleep til 5:45am. This has been so good for us this week allowing me to get much needed rest so I could get over this cold.

I was able to enlist Uncle Ray for help one night and poor guy Hugo did a little number in the tub while I was out in the living room pumping. I'm pumping because he bit me so bad it still hurts to nurse on my right side. He had always preferred the left?! Anyhow we all survived and lived to laugh about it :-)

I didn't take may photos this week but hopefully next time.

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